Koteswara Rao VBSS

Even though coronavirus had metastasized into a financial crisis for the world economy, we can paralyze such effect through our global trade which will help the country to recover financially. We can see several unprecedented new things that witness a dramatic restructuring of the economic and social order in which businesses have traditionally operated. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, shortly we can experience a new beginning in the process of transactions and how sharply its contours will diverge from those that previously shaped our lifestyles. It is the right
time for supersizing our business for garnering profits through imports and exports. If you were a beginner, you might feel it stressful and difficult enough to comprehend the aspects like-how to start your business internationally, watching out for global headwinds, and keeping an eye on your export-import business as well.

This 2-step process will close the way for skepticism in your mind regards the export-import business.

Firstly, you need to identify the product whose demand touches the roof in your locality. People want what they can’t have in their area and that’s exactly what drives you to prefer local products. There is an adage that “the success of a business concern mostly depends on choosing the right product for marketing”. Undoubtedly, it creates an excellent experience for customers to use local products that are authentic in their nature.

After identifying the product, for launching your marketing tactics you need to define your target audience. Because getting to know your target group will help you determine what they like and what they don’t which reflects the sales volume of your business.

People buy the products because they need them, so you need to create the need. Yes, what you are thinking is correct, the 2 nd step is to create an emergency or need of procuring your product to the customer. This generates demand for your product in the market arena. Then you need to beat your competitors in the country in which you are operating. For this you need to know your competitors’’ strengths and
weaknesses which gives you a platform to excel in your business in their weaknesses and to differentiates your business from the masses. Lastly, try to emphasize your unique selling proposition in the minds to customers to create a brand identity and brand awareness.

If you can position yourself appropriately in the market, through customer satisfaction then success will follow your footsteps.

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