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Change in the Export markets and Current Trends :

Hey! “Want to start an export business?”, “Are you thinking regards what kind of business should I do?”, “Are you showing scepticism for export business?” Don’t worry here is a platform where all your doubts can be cleared through webinars right from the identification of a suitable product for your business to buyer and seller identification. Each and every aspect that was related to export business is covered here.

     As we all know this corona virus pandemic had hit the whole world both in terms of health and wealth. Many of the countries are facing financial crisis due to this disaster. It was expected that the global economy could shrink by up to 1% in 2020. This covid-19 pandemic is disrupting global supply chains and international trade. With nearly 1000 countries closing their national borders during the past months, the moment of people and tourism flows have come to screeching halt. It was the right time for a business person who wants to expand his wings through online. It is predicted that after this lockdown, online trading will be on the upper hand when compared with the offline ones because of the scepticism that prevails in the minds of buyers regarding physical contacts, contagions and morbidity states.

     Global EXIM Institution will guide you regards- how to master your business and keep yourself in frontline apart from your competitors. Global EXIM institution is going to conduct webinars for survival and as well as for upliftment of your business technologically after this lockdown. A person with appropriate business plan, ample knowledge of business transactions and sustaining technological insights can conquer the business world at this moment. These webinars will deal with the following things: –

1. Identification of product—How to choose a product to succeed in market in accordance with the prevailing market conditions like demand, supply, availability etc… For example: – The business which was related to medical equipment and essentials such as masks, sanitizers, medical kits were in a boom stage due to this covid-19. Where the investment in these things will help you to reap immediate profits. Like wise how to choose products in accordance with the changing fashion and fab.
2. Market study and analysis—How to study markets and how to draw inputs from the analysis that you have made by scrutinizing the market arena?
3. Launching a business—How to launch a business both in online and offline platforms? How to set Unique Selling Proposition for your businesses?
4. Locating the resources—How to allocate the resources that are essential for your product / service, which plays an inevitable role in today’s scenario.
5. Digital marketing— As said above there was an increasing demand for digital marketing. This webinar will give you insights that are essential for your business when it is opting for a digital platform through search engine optimization or search engine marketing.
6. E-commerce business—How to deal with B-B, B-C businesses? What are the hidden elements that are related to e-commerce and how can we make profits when our offline business is extended to E-Commerce stores?
7. Knowing the terminologies—The business terminologies can be dealt in these webinars.
8. Payment mediums—various online payment mediums which are feasible for both customer and owners. Information regards connecting payment gateways to social media marketing pages.
9. Required documentations— Discussion regards “The legal procedures and statutory requirements that play a vital role for the establishment of a business”.
10. Pricing strategies—what kind of strategy that a person needs to follow while he/she was fixing price for their product. Strategies like cost plus pricing/ demand-based pricing
etc… will be dealt in the webinars.
11. Buyer / Seller identification: – How to identify potential and prospect customers? and
how to transform existing potential customers into loyal ones.
12. Policies and schemes….of government regards business and its establishment and
many more interesting aspects related to business.

Global EXIM institution welcomes all of you who are having a zeal to learn new insights of business and who wants to make themselves as market makers.