Hire the perfect sales representatives for your export business

Koteswara Rao VBSS

There is a myth that the success of every business lies in choosing the right product alone.  But the reality is we need to have perfect sales agents for projecting our product/service in the market.  So, selecting and hiring the right salesperson for representing your company overseas is as important as finding the perfect manufacturer and product.  If you are planning to sell your products/services in more than one corner of the world, you may need to locate several salespersons or agents. To survive in the international markets, you need a great sales agent who is either located in the country in which you are operating or a person who can comfortably travel back and forth when the job calls for it.

The concept of hiring a sales agent for export businesses will lead you to think regards 2 categories of people. 

  1. Hiring a Sales agent of our country to bid abroad
  2. Hiring a sales agent overseas


    If you want to hire a sales agent from your country to do your bidding abroad, you are looking for the perfect road warrior. 
    If you want to hire a sales rep overseas, then you need to approach the situation differently.  Every country has different rules and regulations for employment, as well as different tax codes.  For this reason, you need to hire a sales agent who was in the country in which you are going to operate as he /she will be familiar with such regulations.
    “Bemused of how to hire such an agent?” The hiring process is a little different when compared to the processes which you would normally utilize to hire a run of the mill office assistant. You have to take some special considerations. The following information will help you to hire a perfect sales agent or person for your export business.  
  • A salesperson needs to have an inquisitive nature. Because an inquisitive person is more likely to engage with potential as well as new clients, identify the client’s needs, and offer solutions that act as a higher notch and keeps the business growing.
  •  He must have a thirst for information and knowledge. The best salespersons are the ones who keep on evolving and adapting themselves to change.
  • He must have good communication skills (linguist or polyglot), negotiation, and interpersonal skills.
  • A successful sales agent needs to be flexible; he must be able to understand that conditions will not always meet expectations. Such a person will also be conscious of the different contexts of the international market. 
  • He must be optimistic and light-hearted as a sales agent keeps his best efforts in bringing new clients and leads to the company therefore imperative to success.
  • He must be focused and goal-oriented.  Goal-orientation helps in governing their activities for achieving success.
  • A sales agent is more likely to attract more clients when he modestly acknowledges his limitations.
    Hiring the right salesperson or agent for your business is considered as the heart of growth and progress.  However, the above said essential points will help you to choose the right sales agent for your business.