Koteswara Rao VBSS

How to start your import and export Business from home?

The idea of Setting up a new business is certainly under limelight today as the Central Government has started emphasizing on local to global and many other schemes that help in backing up both small and large scale industries. But, people would generally backtrack when it comes to establishing a business having in mind all the cost and efforts involved. However, many aspects of our lives have been experiencing an unseen change over this pandemic. The perspective of businesses has also seen a major leap.

Give life to your idea of establishing your own business.

If you have had an idea of laying up a business but have shelved it due to the burden involved, then this is surely for helping you overcome all the hurdles in developing your own business. In our Indian market, we have a wide range of products to be exported. There are many homebound businesses that involve low capital and efforts but have high demands.

What are the pros of running your business at home?

Not every business needs a hefty investment. Running a business at home has many notable advantages which include no investment for setting up an office-space, also you need not encounter most of the Govt Formalities nor worry about managing inventories. There is a large variety of products that can be made with minimal machinery and resources. Identify one such product, this may include textiles, jewellery, art decors, stationeries etc., and study its market. Now start producing products and make it reach your customers through couriers. Since you have started delivering your products already keenly observe the demand your product and brand has at the market. The more innovative and unique your product is, for sure there is a higher demand at the market.

How to make your product reach the global market?

Expanding your business helps in reaching many more potential customers and also aids in building a worthy brand image that would certainly help you survive the long run. With many policies coming up from the government, Export and Import Business are currently under public-eye. The Foreign Post Office (FPO) is one such boon to businesses that are planning to launch themselves in the global market. They provide assistance in connecting your business to the supply chain. FPO’s predominant mission is to cross out the formality hassles businesses face when it comes to exporting.

How to make your product reach its target audience?

Your business can either be a B2B (Business to Business) or a B2C (Business to Customer) oriented firm. Establishing your business on E-commerce platforms help in making your product reach its target population. However, you need to have knowledge of technical terms and govt policies to make your business a sure shot success. Choosing a smart business that already has demand at the market would help. But, you can also choose a traditional product and make certain changes to the procedure of your business to make it perform better at the market.

Why Global Exim?

Although many institutes train businesses and assist them in exporting their products globally, Global Exim is a reputed organisation which provides quality training through qualified and experienced professionals on exports and imports. Homogenous businesses are also trained. Global Exim helps you understand the functioning of the global market on better grounds. It provides end to end assistance for the whole process with care. You will also be trained on government policies, technical terms, and other market-related aspects which would help you carve better openings for your product.