Koteswara Rao VBSS

Global EXIM has always believed that “Learning is Continuous Process.” The pandemic has taught
us so many lessons.

While the entire world is thinking of new solutions now due to the pandemic, technology is
playing its part. For every person who wanted to start their new business, run an online store, set
up their firm, this is the right time to build your company’s digital presence.

Quarantine has given a fair chance to many entrepreneurs among us to try and experiment new
ideas, businesses, try test proof methods to keep your business strong in the future. Those who
have started their online business around 4 years ago are now the leading market players and no
other company or competitor could reach the performance of that particular existing company.
In the similar way, once you are ready with your own website and start running your target ads,
experiment on digital marketing and understand the nuts and bolts of your business, it gets more
easy to sail into the digital era with all your target audience ready to purchase your product or

In this time, we should also think to take ecological issues seriously. Because things are treated
importantly only when we talk business. We all are in such a dire situation to get pure air, water,
food, where there is a lot of contamination, pollution, impurity. This ultimately leads to an
unhealthy living of humankind.

The affordable class is having good food but what about the underprivileged, the poor? Being an
able human being, we need to think of how we can contribute to this wonderful planet. We can
start this thought with as small as your locality, city or state. We can look to scale up this idea and
collaborate with the ones who already work on such visionary thoughts.

We as humans should not be talking about sustainability when we become helpless a about it. A
few bits and pieces of individual contributions will take us to a place where we want. All of it
starts in your head.

It is true that tough times like these are a foundation for solutions that bring breakthroughs to the
existing methods, lay an experimentation plan for the innovations to take place.
Steve Jobs once said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” This is the right
time to step into the uncomfortable zone and start testing your potential. Once these times
passes, there is going to be a lot of competition like never before on the online platforms and

All you need to do is Utilize this Lockdown.