Koteswara Rao VBSS

Amidst the global coronavirus pandemic and financial crisis, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji, the head of India exhorted India to go vocal for local, and it received collective appreciation and acceptance from all over the country. If you are skeptical whether vocal to local creates opportunities to go global. No need to doubt anymore if global brands began locally then it could be the highway to go global.

There are some products in India whose demand touches the roof in the international markets. Investment in such local famed products and paving a way for globalizing the local brand will surely paves a way for reaping higher profits on one hand and boosts the country’s economic growth on the other hand.

India is very famous for diamonds, varieties of mangoes, cotton, steel, coffee, tea, and many more things. Some of the products which are famous and specialized in production only in particular areas in India are:

1. HIGH-END DIAMONDS: – Most of the diamond and gold jewelry that are used in sophisticated western countries like the US, Europe, is cut and polished in India. In India, you will find the best quality diamonds and diamond jewelry that you can’t find elsewhere in the world. Jaipur in India is known as the diamond industry hub where many legit companies prefer to purchase diamonds.

2. ALFONSO MANGOES: – The mangoes that are produced in India have an unrivaled taste among any other fruit in the world. If you export the Alfonso mango from India, it will reap an ample amount of profits because India is the only country with no other competitors in the Alfonso Mango export. The exotic and unique taste of Alfonso Mango can’t be compared with any other mango variety across the world like Tommy Atkinson or Kent mango varieties. India occupies the top position in the export of mangoes in the world with more than 1000 varieties.

3. COTTON: – Cotton is referred to as “White Gold”. India is one of the largest cotton producers and is the 2 nd largest cotton exporter country in the whole world. India is exports different varieties of cotton to nearly 150 countries. This sector reaps quicker benefits when compared with other sectors as cotton is an essential raw material for manufacturing garments and textiles.

4. HANDMADE CARPETS AND RUGS: – Indian rugs are the most desirable and expensive ones in the worldwide decorative rug market today. Indian weavers will make rugs of high quality like 240 knots per square inch and more. The carpets are made with Persian designs, good synthetic dyes, and machine-spun wool with a handful of designs. Amritsar is famous for the Bokhara design which contains a Victorian design pattern that acts as a symbol of the elite carpet weaving industry in India.

5. JAIPUR DHURRIES: – Jaipur, The Pinkcity, is mainly famous for Cotton flatwoven dhurries. These dhurries are woven in pure cotton, authentic wool, the combination of wool and jute materials. Panipat produces Dabu printed dhurries that are world-famous and are woven in pure and natural cotton material and printed by a metallic and wooden box where the boxes contain various design patterns. Bhadohi district in Uttar Pradesh is known as the hub city of handmade carpets specialized in great craftsmanship.

6. SAHARANPUR WOODEN WORK: – The Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh is known for the wooden crafts. They are specialized in beautiful handmade wooden things like a clock in a wooden frame or hanging bells, antique & decorative wooden items, etc. These wooden items will give an elegant look for your home or office.

   A successful local product can lead to successful business operations. The investment in these kinds of products will help to make our local products act as global attractions. At the same time, returns on these products will result in better profits.