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Art of Business

exclusively for Women

Opportunities | Selling at ease | E-Commerce Business | Commercial use of Social Media | Promotional tools | Sustaining business

Creating Women Business Leaders from Andhra Pradesh!

A huge workforce in India is struck in kitchen, lot of talent can be seen .. india required lot of women entrepreneurs working from home and to generating good revenue and create employment to India..

Why woman need to learn the Art of Business

Design your business plan

Your way!

  • Can make your own strategy based on your interest
  • An understanding of the business practices
  • A practical approach to various marketing techniques
  • Direct contacts with various service providers
  • Interaction with speakers on subjects matters
  • Business Networking among participants  
  • Cross business deals with the participants
  • Mentoring services of Global EXIM after training.

Hear it from one of our successful business women.

About Speaker

Dr. Koteswara Rao

Founder & CEO of Global EXIM Institute, which has trained more than 6000 entrepreneurs on Exports and Imports. There are many women participants who got trained in 3 days international trade and excelling in their Export Import  businesses. 

Dr Rao is a post graduate Diploma in Web Technologies and eCommerce. Worked on various projects of Microsoft, Google, Nokia on business Developmental projects. Expert trainer on eCommerce concepts listing and selling your products online platforms  like Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm, Myntra etc. 

In Oneday workshop, some of the simple concepts and procedures will be discussed, which will be useful to make use of  time with smart phone to earn through the smart business. 

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Who can participate ?

Any woman who wishes to establish small business, irrespective of Age, Educational and Financial background can be part of the session.


Business women





Event Calendar


  • 3rd Jan'2020
  • Hotel La Hospin
  • 80087 29500 (Ms. Supraja)


  • 4th Jan'2020
  • Hotel Swarna Palace
  • 91107 56880 (Ms. Kalyani)


  • 5th Jan'2020
  • V Hotel
  • 81106 49400 (Ms. Supraja)

Course Cirruculum

Identifying Opportunities

Business Opportunities and which are all items you can easily do local to global

Making your Business Plan

Identifying potential items which you can sell at ease of click from your places.

E-Commerce business models

Understanding various models and how to establishing your online business.

Commercialising on Social Media

How to make use of social media commercially for your developments

Digital Marketing

Understanding various promotional tools to promote your products.

Marketing trends in 2020

Overview of various upcoming trends in eCommerce and Digital Marketing.

Sourcing and Listing

How to source and various platforms to source and sell your products

Develop /sustain your business

Doing businness with/without products and with/without investment.

Time to sign up!

Learn the Art of Business

If you’re looking to do some business either local, national or international level, here is the platform to learn. All you need to do is to Sign up today as seats are limited. Have you signed up?

Hear it from the youngest mind from our previous event.

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