Export-Import Business Opportunities

Course Curriculum

Identifying Product

Focus on International Business Opportunities and which are all items you can easily do Export / Import.

Market Study & Analysis

Detailed Market Reach with a Product Focus as well as Country Focus. Which are all top Importing & Exporting Countries and its statistics.

Launching Business

Setting up of your company for International Business, registrations, IEC, EPCs and other required registrations.

Locating the resources

Practical approach to finding potential and real buyers for your productsand various sources from public domains and private sources

Digital Marketing

Google AdWords & Social Media as a Marketing Tool for your market promotion and how to catch buyers live & direct.

E-Commerce business

Courier and eCommerce Business concepts and how to sell or buy products from other countries and sell on eCommerce.

Knowing the terminologies

International Commercial Terms, pricing, giving quotes, negotiations, comparative pricing strategies & techniques

Payment mediums

Various International payment systems, different types of LCs, Pre-shipment & Post Shipment finances & Piggybacking & Venture Capitals.Risk Management in Exports -Imports

Required Documentations

Documentation, Role of CHA in Export-Imports, Custom Clearance procedures & how to calculate Custom Duty.

Pricing Strategies

The training makes you aware of the latest real time pricing with numerous tools and resources.

Buyer/Seller Identification

Our tried and tested techniques of Market Research and Trade Analysis help you identify the active players in the market.

Policies and Schemes

Govt Promotional Schemes: MEIS, SEIS, MDA, MAI, EPCG, Advance Licenses, and other schemes


Export Import Online Live Classes

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Get the overview of EXPORT-IMPORT Business Opportunities & Steps.

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6 Days Intensive Training (Advanced Program)

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6 Days Intensive Training (Advanced Program)

Apr 15 – Apr 20

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Put your International Business thoughts to action with our Export Import Training. From Product/Market selection to ROI, we’ve got you covered in all aspects in trade.

Resource Materials

All reference documents to keep you in track for your initial documentation and procedures.


6 Days is just the start of your association with Global EXIM. Once part of our family, Sector Specific Expert are in your reach for clarifications.

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